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Number of transactions: 366

Total payout: 14299.58 HTR

This community funded faucet is available for new users who want to try out the Hathor network. It's only intended to use once to experience the speed of Hathor and get some free Hathor to try out the network. You should not use this faucet if you already used Hathor.

This is the TESTNET version of the faucet. You can use it once every hour.

Last 10 Payouts

50 HTR to WfPq69xc5KTQCEGE6n5msNMYU8MFDSzyYY
50 HTR to WeNJCtxJxc2ucLdvKawjfgtASz7U2BQTtH
50 HTR to WQncGaemTL7EX2xtKMwRsoaqJTTxDy6Kgi
50 HTR to WjsKRrsqB7RTPobwWyXsAPTDUzwbBp9gcN
50 HTR to WmGYTGfWj7B3d5fAyygtZAE5Lhs7zqMm75
50 HTR to WbrQizEXgaXu9y6VCb5fpSzhyf28U4UZFK
50 HTR to Wg4xxNihJGhcLJ8NQbg4FWQLEaQLjinn68
50 HTR to Wjz5vsh2gBSriTUbaPNCwiNupk9yiYDSvN
50 HTR to WepjzQvsc2CJYVPtDVPz6wMuPp47QQeBhs
50 HTR to WYAqMSU1SDqwYBCcLBvs9eDe3NS22VasqZ